Long Term Support of St. Ignatius

Your estate plan is an interpretation of your values and wishes.  Done correctly, you can leave a legacy to the people and organizations that you care about. Naming the St. Ignatius School Foundation Inc. as a beneficiary for a gift in your will is an easy way to leave a lasting legacy.

Gifts to the St. Ignatius School Foundation Inc. increase the size of the endowment, ensuring that it can continue to support St. Ignatius Catholic School and its students with revenue from the portfolio now and in the future. Your gift can be for a fixed amount, a percentage of your estate, or the residue after gifts to loved ones. You can also make your gift in honor of, or in tribute to, a special person. A gift to the Foundation can also reduce the amount of your federal estate tax if you have an estate where there would otherwise be a federal estate tax.

Planned gifts or bequests are made by generous individuals who want to ensure the financial future of St. Ignatius Catholic School today and into the future. Any type of asset (cash, securities, personal property, or real estate) may be used for a planned gift, which may be modest or very substantial, designated for a particular purpose or unrestricted.

We encourage you to consult with a professional to create, or update, an estate plan that maximizes your assets and ensures that your values, priorities, and wishes are clearly communicated. If you are interested in including St. Ignatius School Foundation Inc. in your estate plan, please make sure it is correctly referenced as as  “St. Ignatius School Foundation Inc.” and reference tax id number 82-2204648.

If you, or someone you know and love, would like more information about including St. Ignatius School Foundation Inc. in your estate plan, contact Tom Sorge at the Foundation (tomsorge@msn.com).