At St. Ignatius Catholic School, the growth of our students is a cooperative and collaborative effort by and among families, the school community and the church. Research shows that parental involvement is one of the top indicators of student success. Thank you for all the time and effort you dedicate to making St. Ignatius Catholic School a wonderful place for children to learn and grow. Our school would not be the same without the many hours that our parents donate to our program. 

Please remember, we require that each family contribute at least 25 hours of assistance per year to school or parish sponsored events and activities, including involvement in at least one fund raising event. These hours are essential in order for our school to reach its highest potential. Families that fail to complete and record 25 hours of participation will be charged $25 per hour that is not completed. (Note that families of our Pre-K students (who do not also have a K-8 student) are invited but not required to complete 25 hours of assistance.)

We hope that we can make this experience rewarding for both your family and our community, and we seek to understand the unique gifts, talents and interests of each family to best match those abilities with the needs of our community.

We are currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Lunch Room- HERE

Wolf Den- HERE

Fall Festival- HERE

Library- email

Foundation BINGO Nights- email

Parents can record volunteer hours using the form HERE. You do not need to use this form to record volunteer hours that you signed up for on (those hours are calculated automatically). Please record any time volunteered by grandparents/other family members on your behalf as well. Remember that you can also record hours you spend volunteering for the parish.

Please remember that anyone who volunteers with students must have completed the Safe Environment training and have signed the St. Ignatius Volunteer Agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteering

Check your Tuesday Communication to find links to sign up for volunteers opportunities. Thank you for volunteering!

No. These signups cannot be accessed through your personal account on To ensure the safety and security of our information, these links are not available for public view. They must be accessed through the links above. If you do not have the link, you can always access it through the school’s website.

No. The Family Participation Program requires a total of 25 hours per family. These hours can be completed by parents, grandparents, and/or other family members. To make sure the hours get credited to your account, please have all volunteers put the name of your oldest child (first and last name please) when completing the online signup. These requests can also be forwarded to the Volunteer Coordinator at

If you volunteer and there is no activity listed, your hours can be logged under “Log Your Own Hours”. You will need to sign up for a spot under this activity. Find the current month and choose either 30 minutes or 1 hour. You can specify the number of hours by increasing the number of spots you indicate.

For example, if you volunteer for 2 ½ hours, you would choose one 30-minute spot and two 1-hour spots.

After choosing the number of spots/hours, please indicate in the comments section of this signup the date and activity with which you assisted. This information allows for the accurate tracking of your hours.

We track these hours from June 1- May 31 each year (so hours completed in July, 2019 count towards the 2019-2020 school year). We greatly appreciate your time, talents, and efforts with all prior volunteering. Your contributions helped make St. Ignatius a reality.

If you sign up for an activity and find that you have a conflict, you can go into and remove your spot. If you do have to cancel, please do so as early as possible.  We rely on our volunteers and if you do not show up it can make it difficult to complete the activity. Early notification is crucial for our school day volunteers. You can contact Katelyn Smith at for any questions or problems with school day volunteering.

No. Service hours by both parents and children do not count. As the school year progresses, the children will be required to participate in service projects. This participation is not part of the Family Participation Program. The one exception is if you are a member of the Service Committee that organizes service events (i.e. St. Vincent’s dinners).

Unfortunately, there is not a way to sign up for multiple days of volunteering at one time.  The signup was created this way to allow many people to participate in all activities and to avoid numerous cancellations due to families not knowing their exact schedules for an entire year. There are some options for you however. The School Day Volunteers signup has been created in 2-month blocks. Two of these blocks are being posted at the same time.  If you know that you can commit to this time frame, you can email the Volunteer Coordinator with your exact schedule. This multiple day scheduling can be done for you so you do not have to spend the time filling out spots for individual days. Please make sure and provide your email address and phone so you can be contacted to confirm the spots and for any questions.

You can contact the front office ( with questions about volunteering or how to record your hours.