TUITION FOR 2024-2025

Below is a list of our 2024-2025 tuition rates for Kindergarten-8th Grade*.

Actual cost to educate each student Reduced tuition rate for all SI students Reduced tuition rate for SI students that are currently registered & participating parishioners in any Catholic Church in the Diocese
First child $7,700.00/year $7,180.00/year $5,310.00/year
Second child $7,700.00/year $6,470.00/year $4,780.00/year
Third+ child $7,700.00/year $6,470.00/year $4,780.00/year

*Tuition rates above and sibling discount do not apply to Pre-school (listed separately under Pre-School tab).

** Tuition rates apply to the 2024-2025 school year only and are subject to change from year to year.

***In addition to annual tuition, some fees will apply (approximately $550).


In order to receive the parishioner rate, families must be registered members of a local Catholic parish and contribute time, talent, and financial resources to support the parish. Active membership is to be determined by the pastor of the parish of which the family is a member.

Financial Aid

St. Ignatius School is committed to being financially accessible to families of all income levels. Our financial accessibility allows for the richness and diversity we so value in our school. Financial assistance applications will considered for students fully registered in our K-8th program based on availability of funds and can be found HERE.

Quick facts about financial assistance:

  • Financial assistance is awarded to families based on need and availability.
  • Only students in Kindergarten through 8th grade are eligible for financial assistance (not Preschool students).
  • Financial assistance applications will be accepted from any family whose student(s) are fully registered, meaning all registration forms have been completed and submitted, and all required non-refundable registration fees have been paid in full.  
  • Any financial assistance applications received at St. Ignatius from non-registered families will not be considered. 
  • All financial assistance applications must be filled out entirely and include copies of all requested tax / income documentation.  Do not submit any original tax documents.  
  • Financial assistance can only be applied to tuition payments, and not school fees, uniforms, lunch payments, etc.  
  • Financial assistance award is not guaranteed.  
  • Financial assistance must be applied for every year for returning families.  
  • Financial assistance applications should be turned in per the due date.  
  • Families missing the initial due date for any reason may submit at any time throughout the school year as need arises.