Academic Curriculum

St. Ignatius Catholic School offers our students a rigorous and diverse curriculum. We adhere to the curriculum requirements of the Diocese of  Boise which can be found here. Our subject areas include:

Core Curriculum

  • Religion
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies

Enrichment Programs

  • Music
  • Technology/STEM
  • Library
  • Art
  • Physical Education & Health
  • Spanish
  • Orchestra*
  • Leadership Team (Sentinels)*
  • Liturgy*
  • Robotics/Future Cities*
  • Study Skills*
  • Personal Finance*
  • American Sign Language*

*Middle school only

In keeping with our Christian values, we strive to make St. Ignatius Catholic School accessible to every student that wishes to attend. While we recognize that we cannot meet all the needs of every child, and we are unable to offer the full extent of services provided by public institutions, we are committed to working with our families to provide as much accommodation to our students with needs as reasonably possible. With the collaboration of school counselor, principal, teachers and the family, we will make a working service plan to provide as many services as we can for students who need additional accommodations, and we will collaborate with families about additional resources for those services that we are unable to provide.


Our school-wide service expectations empower our students to make a sincere difference in the lives of others. We teach students to appreciate the God-given dignity of all people and to see service as privilege rather than an obligation. Our hope is that each student graduates with a sense of compassion for others, an appreciation for justice, and an innate desire to serve and lead. Students and families are offered opportunities and are encouraged to participate in individual service projects, in addition to class and school-wide service projects. In addition, students study age appropriate issues of social justice and participate in an annual Faith in Action Fair.

Faith Curriculum

Our religion classes are designed to foster a deep understanding of Catholic doctrine, however students of all faiths are warmly welcomed and encouraged to share the insights and traditions of their own faith.  In addition to religious education, our students participate in sacrament preparation and grade level retreats. At St. Ignatius, we worship as a community of faith, sharing in daily prayer, student led weekly Mass and other seasonal devotional activities.


Rooted in the Catholic traditions offering…

  • Weekly school Mass
  • Seasonal Traditions: Advent, Lent, Easter, Christmas & Marian celebrations
  • Retreats
  • Sacrament prep at 2nd grade
  • Daily religion class
  • Faith infused into all subjects
  • Daily prayer and reflection
  • School-wide and personal opportunities for service
  • Emphasis on Social Justice
  • Part of the Diocese of Boise and Treasure Valley Catholic Schools
  • Development of the whole person

And…..Modeled In the Jesuit Tradition of Education…

  • Focus on the Examen – reflection!
  • Finding God in All Things
  • Teaching thinking as global citizens
  • Cura Personalis- care for the entire person-mind, body and spirit
  • Seeking the Magis- the more—from each student
  • Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam- doing all things for the greater glory of God