Pastor Fr. Len MacMillan

Father Len MacMillanThe word “family” is a great way to describe the incredible bond that Holy Apostles parishioners share with one another. At the core of this bond is faith. Faith in God, faith in our Church, and faith in our school. The Holy Apostles family generously built St Ignatius school based on a faith that our school would grow students who strengthen and improve our community and our world.

I could go on and on about all of the benefits of Catholic education- its high graduation rates, the likelihood of graduates to pursue a religious vocation, the academic rigor or the community-service minded students it produces; however, at its core, Catholic education is about a belief that our children grow best within a community that celebrates faith and where the spirit can be nurtured alongside the mind and body.

St. Ignatius believed that with deep faith and excellence in education, each individual has the capacity to go forth and set the world on fire. Building on the vision of St. Ignatius, and with the prayers and generosity of the Holy Apostles parish community, it is our desire that our students will leave St. Ignatius prepared to go forth and build a better tomorrow.

In Christ,
Fr. Len MacMillan

St. Ignatius Catholic School Leadership Team

St. Ignatius Catholic School has a full-time principal, Andi Kane, who is responsible for all elements of the school. Mrs. Kane is assisted by a full-time vice principal, Troy Partin, and leadership team of 2-5 professionals who share some of the faculty leadership and administrative duties. A shared leadership model supports the culture of collaboration and environmental of mutual support at St. Ignatius Catholic School.

This leadership team brings to life the five components of our academic design, helps develop school wide curriculum and programs, and assists Mrs. Kane in forming school policies and procedures. Our 2020-2021 leadership team includes Mrs. Kane, Troy Partin (Vice Principal), Andrea Zambukos (School Psychologist), Trina King (Early Childhood Coordinator) and Jacqueline Kite-Powell (Director of Enrollment and Advancement).

Andi Kane

Andi Kane

Andi Kane has been a passionate Catholic school educator for over a decade. Her love for Catholic schools was fueled by her experiences in Notre Dame’s ACE program (Alliance for Catholic Education) through which she served in a Latino school in San Antonio, Texas. Her classroom experiences include teaching 2nd grade, 5th grade, multi-age 1st and 2nd grade, Jr. High choir, drama and elementary music. She was a member of the CHEC (Catholic Higher Education Collaboration) which helped create the National Catholic School Benchmarks and Standards and has served on numerous accreditation teams through the WCEA. Mrs. Kane has a Bachelor of Arts in Music, English and a Spanish minor from Gonzaga University and a Master’s in Education from the University of Notre Dame. Before her role as Principal of St. Ignatius Catholic School Mrs. Kane served as the assistant principal at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic School, a Jesuit grade school in Spokane, WA. She is passionate about Catholic school communities and the opportunity these schools have to educate students who will be sources of goodness and light in the world.

Andrea Zambukos

Andrea Zambukos

Andrea Zambukos has worked in the field of school psychology for fifteen years. She has a passion for education, especially for ensuring access to quality education for all; regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or learning/physical/behavioral/emotional needs. Her education experience includes serving as a school psychologist in the Boise School District for 11 years, working with students in preschool through high school and beyond. She specialized in working with at-risk students and was assigned the district’s alternative high school, suspension/expulsion program, juvenile detention, and program for pregnant and parenting teens. Mrs. Zambukos has spent the last four years working as a clinician/evaluator for a nonprofit whose mission is to assist students, families, and schools in understanding learning difficulties and helping them overcome related obstacles. Mrs. Zambukos has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Criminal Justice minor from Gonzaga University. Additionally, she holds a Master of Education in School Counseling and an Education Specialist in School Psychology from the University of Idaho. Mrs. Zambukos has been on the St. Ignatius School committee for the past year and a half and has volunteered countless hours to assist in bringing the vision for the school to life. She is passionate about the mission of St. Ignatius and looks forward to having the opportunity to assist all students in reaching their full potential; mind, body, and spirit.

Trina King

Trina King

Trina King graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, an endorsement in Early Childhood Education and an emphasis in Reading Education. She was blessed with the opportunity of teaching her first year as a grade two teacher at a small, private Anglican school in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas. This experience provided her with the test of dissecting and teaching a foreign curriculum with very little resources or materials and challenged her to learn how to meet the needs of all students without the luxuries of having support staff, a stocked supply room, unlimited Internet or a big box teaching store. Upon returning to Boise, Mrs. King eagerly joined the St. Joseph’s Catholic School Staff where she spent the next nine years learning and growing while teaching kindergarten, first and fifth grades. Mrs. King worked on a variety of teams and committees at St. Joe’s, was given the honor to serve as a mentor teacher to excited new staff members, and earned her Standard Catechist Certificate through Gonzaga University and the Catholic Parishes of the Treasure Valley. Mrs. King left the classroom in 2011, but remains an active volunteer and substitute teacher at St. Joseph’s. For the past six years, she has been blessed with the opportunity to stay home and teach a “class” of two enthusiastic boys who call her “Mom”. Mrs. King is overjoyed with the opportunity to serve on St. Ignatius Inaugural Leadership Team, and can’t wait to help “set the world on fire”!

Troy Partin

Troy Partin

Troy Partin has been an enthusiastic and dedicated educator for over a decade who is eager to guide students in the development of lifelong learning. Mr. Partin has over 12 years of classroom experience, including teaching 1st grade, 5th grade, and 4th grade. He has a Bachelor in Elementary Education and a Masters of Educational Leadership. Mr. Partin is dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic teaching, and has experience engaging students through hands on activities utilizing technology. He has experience in implementing a rotational classroom academic design that allows students to work collaboratively and learn from one another. In addition, Mr. Partin has experience as a grade level lead teacher and as a member of his school’s leadership team. He is excited to join the St. Ignatius leadership team.

Faculty & Staff

Adams, Angela

Instructional Aide


Ansotegui, Christine

Instructional Aide


Area, Stephanie

Instructional Aide


Aseguinolaza, Maria

Teacher – Spanish & Library


Ball, Jackie

Before & After Care / Middle School Aide


Basterrechea, Jordan


Batt, Deitra

Teacher – 4th grade


Bly, Christina 

Teacher – 3rd grade


Bodine, Gisele

Teacher – PreK


Brinegar, Keriann

Teacher – Middle School Humanities


Caldwell, Amy

Instructional Aide


Campbell, Janet



Carranza, Caroline

Instructional Aide


Childers, Brad

Teacher – 5th grade


Cook, Bridger

Teacher- Middle School Math


Dewhirst, Dawn

Teacher- Kindergarten


Dressler, Merrideth

Teacher – 2nd grade


Dunn, Rebecca 

Teacher – 4th grade


Elledge, Brenda

Instructional Aide


Ellison, Jessica

Academic Interventionist


Emara, Shauna

Teacher- Music


Emmett, Janet

Teacher – 5th grade


Fletcher, Ailee

Teacher- Kindergarten


Haws, Calley

Teacher – Art


Henry, Jessica

Teacher – 1st grade


Hilgeman, Sharon

Teacher – PreK


Janquart, Katie

Teacher – Middle School Science


Johnson, Julie



Kane, Andi



King, Trina

Teacher – PE 


Kite-Powell, Jacqueline

Director of Advancement & Enrollment


Lete, Tina

Instructional Aide


Lowe, Sydney

Teacher – 1st grade


McDonnell, Jeff



McIntyre, Janelle

Front Office / Registrar


McMahon, Allison

Teacher – PreK


Morrison, James

IT Support


Newman, Krystin

Instructional Aide


Partin, Troy

Assistant Principal


Placido, Sherry

Nurse Aide -Mon/ Wed


Sandoval, Elia

Kitchen Assistant Manager esandoval@stignatiusmeridian.org

Schuh, Kate

Academic Intervention; Teacher- Specials


Shea, Alicia

Teacher – Middle School Health


Slattery, Elise

Teacher – 2nd grade


Smith, Katelyn

Community Outreach


Street, Alex



Thomas, Nicki

Teacher – Middle School Humanities


Yado, Ydalia

Teacher – Middle School Religion


Zambukos, Andrea

School Psychologist