Overview of St. Ignatius Catholic School

“Go forth and set the world on fire.” - St. Ignatius

St. Ignatius Catholic School is a pre-K-8th grade school modeled in the Ignatian tradition of education with a focus on academic excellence, faith formation, social justice and service, and strength of community. The faculty and staff at St. Ignatius strive to help each child seek the MAGIS-the more— by recognizing the unique gifts and talents of each individual and helping strengthen those God-given abilities so that they can become agents of goodness and change in the world. We are committed to developing the whole child– heart, mind, body, and soul.

Let our students and teachers introduce you to St. Ignatius Catholic School HERE.



In the Ignatian tradition, quality teaching, critical thinking, and rigorous academic standards are the cornerstone to growing each child to their highest potential. We offer a rich and vibrant PreK-8 Catholic education that blends traditional academic course work with a sincere and material commitment to enrichment curriculum in the arts, music and foreign language. We respect the individuality of each child, and we are committed to addressing the academic challenges and strengths of each student. Our small class sizes provide increased individual attention, student-teacher interaction and individualized learning opportunities.


Faith formation is essential to the true development of the whole child. At St. Ignatius, we believe that student growth flourishes in an environment where prayer, faith and moral contemplation are encouraged and supported. Rather than avoiding issues of morality and faith, we believe it is our privilege and responsibility to encourage prayer, thoughtful reflection, and responsible action on moral and ethical issues to create agents of change for our future.


In the Ignatian tradition, we strive to grow students who make concrete actions of love and service a priority in everyday life, and who see the importance in discovering the work that Christ calls each one of them to do. Students are engaged in a process of exploring the distinctive and constructive ways in which their knowledge and talents will best serve society. All students put their faith into action through participation in age appropriate hands-on service to the Treasure Valley community.


St. Ignatius Catholic School is enveloped in the strength and commitment of the greater community of Holy Apostle Catholic Church. At St. Ignatius Catholic School, the growth of our students is a cooperative and collaborative effort by and among families, the school community and the church. It is within this community of love and support that students are able to begin discovering their own sense of identity within the community and begin to share their own gifts and talents for the benefit of others. Through active participation, students learn to take increasing responsibility for the betterment of their communities and assume active and critical leadership roles in their world.

At A Glance

  • Pre-school- 8th grade offered; 2 classes at each grade level.
  • 2023-2024 Enrollment: 485
  • Highly individualized learning program with small class sizes ranging from 22-26 for K-8.
  • Departmentalized middle school with Presentation Room and Math Room, lockers, 1:1 windows based lap tops, student selected electives (including art, Spanish, computer science, leadership team, makerspace, lifetime fitness, choir/orchestra, and liturgy).
  • STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) interwoven into the science curriculum, enhanced by technology space and science lab.
  • Music (K-8), choir, and other performing arts opportunities.
  • Fine arts program offered K-8.
  • Outdoor learning space, community garden, and opportunities for outdoor learning and exploration.
  • State of the art building with flex space at each grade level, flooded in natural light and modern technology infrastructure.
  • K-8 service and social justice curriculum, including individual, class and school wide service projects and Social Justice Fair.
  • School wide, up-to-date technology, including smart TVs in each classroom, a Technology/Presentation Room, iPads and Chrome Books for K-4, 1:1 Chrome Books for 5th -6th grade and 1:1 Windows based devices for 7th-8th
  • Participation in Treasure Valley Catholic Schools sports programs.
  • Building designed to provide flex learning spaces to facilitate skills based grouping and collaboration.
  • Academic differentiation and individualization including accommodation plans with such special services as we are reasonably able to offer.
  • Two outdoor play areas.
  • Before and after-school care available.
  • Variety of after school clubs and programs.

Graduate at Graduation - The Path of St. Ignatius

It is our goal that in their time at St. Ignatius, students grow mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually while constantly reaching for their highest potential. We hope they honor God by making choices that are for the greater good. St. Ignatius students should strive for the following characteristics:


St. Ignatius students are always GROWING.

They seek out opportunities to expand their minds, imaginations, feelings, and connection to God.

St. Ignatius students are constantly LEARNING.

They are seekers of knowledge and strive to reach their highest potential in all areas, including academics.

St. Ignatius students are LOVING.

They are actively looking for opportunities to see outside themselves and extend their love and mercy to others.

St. Ignatius students are REVERENT.

They have a deep respect and awe for God that extends to all people, creatures, and the earth.
Seekers of Justice

St. Ignatius students are SEEKERS OF JUSTICE.

They recognize injustice in the world and feel compelled to take action to assist those in need. They prepare themselves to become responsible, concerned citizens of the world.