St. Ignatius School is a community united by a commitment to Catholic values, educational excellence and development of the whole child-mind, body and spirit.  We invite your family to become part of our family.

School Tours

If you are interested in St. Ignatius Catholic School, we invite you to start your experience with a school tour. School tours for prospective families are given every Wednesday at 9:30am throughout the school year. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please email our admissions office at to schedule a tour.

Shadow Days

Shadow Days are for 4th-8th grade students who have been admitted to our program. These students are invited to schedule a Shadow Day to experience a day at St. Ignatius. Your child will be paired with a current St. Ignatius student and will attend classes, meet new friends, and be introduced to faculty and staff. Shadow Days will begin in the spring after open enrollment.

Admissions Process

If you decide you are interested in enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year or for future years, we invite you to join our waiting list. To get on our waiting list, we will need to you to complete the pre-registration form below and submit the required deposit to our front office (mailing it to 6180 N. Meridian Rd., Meridian ID 83646 or bringing it in to the front office).

In addition, we ask that you send copies of the following documents for any 1st-8th grade students to most recent report card; most recent standardized test results; and any type of service or accommodation plan (e.g., 504 Plan or IEP). Please know that we do not determine admissions based on academic performance. These items simply help us in confirming that St. Ignatius Catholic School can properly meet the needs of your student. If we have any concerns about whether we will able to meet the needs of your student, we will call you to discuss further. Once you have submitted all of the above, your student will be added to our waiting list.

Once we have availability to enroll your student, you will be notified and provided a full registration package to be completed and returned in full within 7-10 days. along with applicable registration fees. Registration packages are considered complete once all registration forms have been submitted, all required non-refundable registration fees have been paid, and any additional requested documents have been received.

Your student will stay on our waiting list indefinitely until a spot in our enrollment becomes available or you otherwise notify us that you are no longer interested in enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Admissions

Pre-registration applications are accepted year round. Students may be enrolled throughout the year depending on openings. You may put your child on the pre-school waiting list at any time.

Re-enrollment for current students occurs in February/March. All openings are then filled from the pre-registration applications on file. If an opening becomes available for your student, we will send an email to the email address on your pre-registration form. Please be sure to update us if your contact information changes.

No, children must be 5 years old before September 1st to enroll in St. Ignatius kindergarten. We want your child to have the best kindergarten experience possible, and we believe that requires allowing for the physical, emotional and social growth that takes place between the age of 4 and 5. Our academic program will be highly individualized and tailored to meet the specific academic needs of each student. Therefore, if your child requires a more challenging curriculum in kindergarten (and throughout their academic career at St. Ignatius), we will strive to keep them challenged and learning at whatever level they can support.

Students are not required to be Catholic. We welcome students of all faiths to our program, with the understanding that we offer an experience of the Catholic traditions and rituals along with instruction in the teachings of the Catholic faith.

No, the pre-registration fee is non-refundable because students are kept on the waiting list year after year until a spot becomes available. You do not need to submit a pre-registration year after year- your student will be kept on the list. Your $50 pre-registration fee will be applied to your registration fees if/when a spot in our enrollment becomes available. If you are offered a spot in our enrollment and decline, your fee is not refundable.

In keeping with our Christian values, we strive to make St. Ignatius School accessible to every student that wishes to attend. While we recognize that we cannot meet all the needs of every child, and we are unable to offer the full extent of services provided by public institutions, we are committed to working with our families to provide as much accommodation to our students with needs as reasonably possible. With the collaboration of school counselor, principal, teachers and the family, we will make a working service plan to provide as many services as we can for students who need additional accommodations, and we will collaborate with families about additional resources for those services that we are unable to provide. We do not currently have details on what specific special services will be offered in our school, but we are certainly working on providing as many services as possible and will keep you abreast of our progress. If you know that your child has specific needs and is currently on an IEP, we encourage you to meet with our Student Support Services Coordinator about your child’s needs.