Remote Learning Program

Based on recommendations from governments and health officials around the world, St. Ignatius Catholic School will be closed starting March 16 to help combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Closing school is putting our faith into action by practicing the Catholic Social Teaching principles of Solidarity, Life and Dignity of the Human Person, and Care for the Vulnerable.

During this closure, we are committed to creating the best remote learning experience possible for our students and families. Our staff are dedicated to creating systems and structures that will provide the greatest amount of support, learning and engagement to students during this time. As a MAGIS school, we know that we can achieve the best possible outcome for our students despite the challenges. Our primary goal is to establish some normalcy and structure for our students during this time, while maintaining strong academic growth.

Our plan includes:

  • Weekly Remote Learning Plan (to be printed) outlining each student’s daily tasks and weekly tasks (PreK-5 only).
  • Live weekly face-to-face check-ins with teachers and support staff using ZOOM
  • Live weekly class gatherings using ZOOM
  • Daily Video lessons using Seesaw (PreK-5) or Google Classroom (6-8)
  • Daily Online assignments through Seesaw (PreK-5) or Google Classroom (6-8)
  • Blended learning software: ST Math & Headsprout, Spelling City, No Red Ink, Newsela, (Your child will use the existing programs they are already accustomed to using at school)

All of these tasks will be spelled out in your child’s weekly Remote Learning Plan which you will receive each week. You will want to print this Remote Learning Plan for your student each week to help them keep track of their schedule and tasks to be completed. Most of the tasks will be able to be completed at any time throughout the day (allowing you to plan your own child’s schedule as needed). However, live meetings and check ins will happen at a designated time each week. We hope you will do your best to schedule in these times to your day so that your child can benefit from the human interaction and real-time support that the live meetings will provide. We recognize that every family will face their own challenges to these remote learning plans. Please keep us posted on how things are going at home.

Please utilize the Remote Learning Manual (found on the right hand side of this page) as the primary source of information for all details regarding our remote learning program, links to learning platforms, information on expectations for remote learning, and answers to frequently asked questions. This document is a Google Document so that you can see changes as they are updated (we anticipate we will adapt our remote learning as challenges arise and as we incorporate your feedback).  Note the date on the front page to see the most current version.

We ask our St. Ignatius Catholic School community to pray for all those being seriously affected by the COVID-19 virus. We ask that you pray for our health care workers, scientists, first responders, and leaders as they work to protect our communities.  We ask that pray for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our communities who are most heavily impacted by the disruptions caused by this global health emergency.